Day 5 Blogilates Done!

I can’t believe it’s been 5 days already since I started!….That’s 5 days without sandwiches, milk, SWEET TEA!!! Today’s work out was a killer tho. I was doing pretty well with all of it at least being able to try it except for the final move in my final video, link added if you want to check out!

I also had to make up for not being able to finish day 4’s workout of Bubble Booty. That wasn’t as bad but man 4 workouts in one time. Now I have left is either dancing or maybe going for a walk outside. 

So the cookies turned out ok I guess initial bite isn’t that good but then it gets better!! will post pictures soon of them. Also might use a food processor next time. She said to use one but i thought it was because she was using dates instead of stevia.

Enjoy life, Live yours to the fullest and be the druid you are inside!



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