90 day challenge and I can have cookies??!!!

So today I was looking up recipes on Blogilates and I found this http://www.blogilates.com/recipe-index/healthy-desserts/if-youre-dying-to-eat-cookies-eat-this

a cookie recipe. 143 cal for the entire batch. Well right now I’m baking them and I will let you know tomorrow how they turned out and taste. If you are looking for healthy alternatives to unhealthy foods you should check the site out. Will be making 2 ingredient pancakes Sunday, pictures shall be coming for some of the food I am making myself. 

Didn’t get to do the whole workout today because the videos were stalling and really slow. The hubby said he would have danced with me today!!! super excited to see if he will do it another day. 

We also came to the conclusion that I get to “cheat” on my diet by having a small something just so I don’t have a huge chance to fail because I want something. Yesterday we did a walk by the food court and I sampled the chicken from the Thai and Japanese places.

And that is all for tonight!

 Enjoy life, Live yours to the fullest and be the druid you are inside!



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